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I’m picking John up from the airport in about two hours, so this has to be quick (’cause I’m starving and I’m running out of time to eat dinner).  Very excited that he’ll be here tonight.  I still have to work tomorrow, but I’m sure the day will fly by.  (Except it won’t now that I’ve said that.  I should know better than to jinx myself like that.)

So hungry!  So rather than write something funny, pithy, or otherwise interesting, I’ll leave you with a couple of links to other places.  If you haven’t visited The Bloggess in a couple of days, go now.  She just became the craziest person in the shrink’s office, and once again, she had me laughing my head off.  Also, Desire to Inspire posted some pictures of this really cool loft I’d like to live in, if I were ever living in a major city again.

That’s all I’ve got for now ’cause I’m HUNGRY and I’m going out.  (Did I mention I’m hungry?)  Later!


  1. Yay for john visiting you! I’m not going to lie- the day will probably be slow. It is always the worst for me knowing Justin is here, and I’ve got to be at school all day and I can’t play yet.

  2. Anonymous

    I clicked on the loft link and it tried to take over my laptop. I’ll have to take your word for how great it looks. I like lofts, too.

  3. Zannah

    Suz, thanks for the warning. Surprisingly, though, the class was kinda fun today, and it helped the time pass.

    Wombat, thanks. 🙂

    Mom, what do you mean “it tried to take over”? Hope I didn’t break anything on it.

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