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I just got back from babysitting Colin.  He’s adorable, of course, and almost a year old.  I think we had a good time.  I did, anyway, and he seemed to be enjoying himself.  On my way home, I decided to get the essential grocery shopping out of the way (1% milk for John since my skim milk grosses him out, lunch stuff, and a toothbrush) so I wouldn’t have to leave the house again.  It’s cold and really windy today, and I’m still not really feeling any better, so I’d rather just stay inside where it’s warm.  I put High Society in the DVD player, and the Overture is playing.  I love musicals.  There are some songs in this one I could do without (“You’re Sensational” comes to mind immediately), but I love “Little One”.  Ooh, I forgot Saul Chaplin was involved in the music for this one.  I don’t how I could forget that actually, since a photo from a rehearsal with him and Grace Kelly is on the cover of his autobiography.  He was involved in pretty much all of my favorite Hollywood musicals.  I should reread that.  I think it’s hilarious that Louis Armstrong plays himself.

Aw, John’s a good husband.  He just went out and did cold yard things in the cold yard so I wouldn’t have to.  I guess I’ll keep him.

Grace Kelly is just TOO perfect.  It’s not fair.  And her clothes!  Again, not fair.  Maybe I should make looking and dressing like her my goal.  That’s unrealistic, but wouldn’t it be nice?  Okay, skipping this scene (“You’re Sensational”).  The song drags.  Change of pace is a good idea, Satch, thanks.  Except that this song (“Samantha”) doesn’t really do the trick.  But whatever.

Just ordered Thai food.  Yum!  I’m just gonna publish this because you don’t really need me to finish the movie first.


  1. Zannah

    (As far as I can tell, you are the only person reading my blog, so yes.) And I love both of those scenes, but all day today the part where Caroline is playing the piano and singing “Little One” in her garbled French has been going through my head. 🙂 Unfortunately, I can’t find that scene on YouTube.

  2. penguinslippers

    Wait…I’m reading it! I’m just a little slow on the uptake.

    “Your Sensational” is only good for the ballroom scene at the party when an intoxicated Grace Kelly is being dragged through the room singing how sensational she is.

    I love that scene with Bing and Frank too. I was thinking of watching Holiday Inn sometime soon. (Chuck wants to know what it is with women and old movies.)

  3. Zannah

    I LOVE Holiday Inn! Tell Chuck it’s all about the leading men. They were dashing and romantic and probably didn’t exist in real life then, either, but they certainly don’t exist in the movies now.

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