Don’t speak!

I spent most of today trying not to talk.  I cough less when I don’t talk.  Also, today has been better because of Delsym, I think.  Advertising companies should love me.  I saw a commercial for Delsym (it’s a cough suppressant) and then went out and bought some when I went to the store.  It seems to be working nicely.  That or I’m getting better.  It’s hard to tell.

I spend much of my time trying to figure out how I’m going to get everything done in time.  In time for what?  For whatever is happening next.  Here’s two for instances:

1. Colin’s birthday party is this Saturday.  I meant to go to Toys R Us to pick out a present for him this past weekend, but I was feeling pretty sick so I didn’t do it.  Now I need to do it this week.  Or maybe Saturday morning.  That’s an idea.  I just hate waiting until the last minute.

2. Winter running clothes.  I really want some moisture-wicking running leggings that I can throw on under my running pants when it’s really cold.  We have a 5K this Saturday, but it’s in the afternoon, so it won’t be completely freezing.  However, I just signed us up to run a 5K at 8:30 in the morning on Thanksgiving Day.  THAT will be cold, and I will definitely want the extra layer.  So when I do I buy those?  This weekend?  Well, Saturday is pretty packed, what with shopping for Colin (see?  I’ve already penciled that in), going to his party, going to the 5K, and then hanging out with Jess and Chuck (who are coming out that night – yay!).  Then Sunday…I might have time on Sunday.  But Sunday is also when I will be doing as much advance shopping for Thanksgiving as I can.  Fortunately, there is a Target right next to Wegman’s.  I might have time for this after all.  🙂

All that really says about me is that I need to have something to plan for.  A birthday party, a race, Thanksgiving, Chrismukkah, oh crap, Chrismukkah is coming.  I really wanted to have most of the shopping done before Thanksgiving.  Not going to happen.  Great.


  1. Zannah

    Only works when you know what size you are! And I don’t have time to deal with returning and reordering. But I have been doing internet shopping for other things.

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