Is there travel in my future?

I think shorter posts are probably a good thing.

I got my corporate credit card today.  I’ve been working for this company for two years now.  John got his when he was hired.  My boss has shown surprise at hearing I didn’t have one, but it’s been months since the subject came up, and it’s never been a big deal.  So is this a sign that I’ll be doing some traveling soon and may actually need it?  Or does it just mean it finally crossed the right person’s desk and got done?  I’m assuming the second thing, since if I were going somewhere, someone would probably have told me.  Maybe.  Especially since the project I’m on right now doesn’t even have the opportunity for travel.  I’ve already made this more of a big deal than I’m sure it is.  And I’ve babbled enough for one day (see last post).  I’m going to bed because I REALLY have to run in the morning.  I have to remind my legs how it feels so I can make it through the 5K on Thursday.

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