The rest of the weekend

It’s Tuesday, and I still haven’t finished writing about Saturday.  I could say I’m a very busy person and I just couldn’t find the time, but that’s not really true.  I’m mostly just lazy.  It’s not even that (although that is certainly true).  I have a lot to do, so I feel like I shouldn’t be spending time on this.  See, that excuse makes me sound responsible.  🙂

Back to Saturday.  We finished the race, didn’t feel like we did very well, and all warmth we generated by running fled immediately.  So we hopped back in the car, turned up the heat, and went home.  We were meeting Greg, Amanda, Erik, and Margaret at the Maggiano’s at Tysons Galleria at 7, and it was just before 5 when we left the race.  No problem.  Added to that, though, is John’s desire to go to a bookstore to look for this Java programming book he couldn’t find at Border’s the day before.  So we got home, took relatively quick showers, and left the house right about 6pm.

News flash!  The race times were posted.  My official race time for the Herndon Turkey Trot was 29:59.  Can’t cut it much closer than that.  That’s a 9:40 pace.  And I can’t even say I’ll do better Thursday morning.  I haven’t run at all since Saturday.  We’ll see, I guess.

Back to the story.  The story without a point.  I really shouldn’t call it a story.  Tysons Galleria only has a Waldenbooks, so we went to Tysons Corner Center to see if the Barnes and Noble there had the book.  (I like links.)  We set the record (for us) for the shortest time spent in a bookstore.  That’s not the kind of record I want to be setting when it comes to bookstores.  But we did find the book.  And we were driving into the parking lot of the other Tysons right at 7pm.

We met Erik, Margaret, Greg, and Amanda and ate.  It was delicious.  Our movie was starting at 9, in the other Tysons, so we left in kind of a hurry.  Greg and Amanda got there first and met us in front of the ticket area with the news that the 9pm showing and the one after that were both sold out.  (We were trying to see the new Bond movie.)  Then Erik and Margaret got there.  Despite the fact that four of the six of us had actually been in this mall before dinner, none of us thought to buy tickets ahead of time.  And considering how little time we left between dinner and the movie, even if we had tickets, we probably wouldn’t have been able to find seats next to each other.  But whatever.  We decided to skip the movie and just hang out.  Always a good idea.  Of course, it took us forever to decide where to go and then to actually get there.  Without an actual schedule, getting us somewhere is like herding cats.  (I love that image.)  We certainly had a good time during all of the standing around, though.  🙂  We stood around at the theater level, then stood around in the Barnes and Noble (there weren’t any seats in the Starbucks there), and then we decided to head to the Silver Diner across the street from the mall.  Love that place.  John and I haven’t actually been there for real food since we lived in Reston, but we like it.  So we got desserts to share (John and I shared this really delicious bread pudding) and tried to get the table-top jukebox to play our songs.  We requested three, I think, but they never did play.

Margaret said the funniest thing, but I can’t remember what it was.  She was making fun of John, and it was hilarious.  Wish I could remember.  It probably wouldn’t be funny to anyone now, but still.

We left the diner a little after eleven, I think, ’cause I was fading.  Got our blender out of Margaret’s trunk (Thanks, Margaret!) and went home.

We didn’t have quite as many things going on Sunday, but it still felt pretty busy.  Actually, John didn’t have anything going on.  Just studying.  I braved the crowds at Wegman’s to get what we needed for the week and Thanksgiving.  I managed to get out of there in about an hour.  And then I headed to DC to hang out with Jess.  Yay!

We met up at this coffeehouse in DC, near Union Station.  Ebenezer’s.  Wait!  I parked about a block away, and on my walk over I was harassed!  I kept saying “accosted”, but John and I decided that “accosted” has physical connotations, and my harassment was only verbal.  These two guys were coming my way on the sidewalk – you know what?  I don’t want to go into the details.  It wasn’t a big deal, and I never felt like I was in physical danger or anything, but it was very uncomfortable and I was trying to walk away without making them mad (and I did), and I’m uncomfortable just thinking about it again.  So nevermind.

Jess was inside when I got there and she had found seats for us, so we camped out with our coffee and chai and chatted about who knows what for about 4 hours.  It was wonderfully pleasant, and we decided afterwards that we’ll have to do something like that regularly.

Sunday evening, John and I watched Reign Over Me, with Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle.  (We didn’t watch it with them…)  It was pretty good.  I think I liked it.  Adam Sandler was not his typically moronic self.  We had some issues with the DVD (it kept getting stuck) which made it difficult to stay fully engrossed in the story.  We eventually gave up on the DVD and finished it online through Netflix.

My dentist appointment yesterday was fine.  I kept expecting it to hurt, so I was tense pretty much the whole time, but I really only felt pressure and a couple of pinpricks.  Nothing bad.  But that won’t stop me from anticipating pain during my next three visits, I’m sure.  Also, I am now the proud owner of an electric toothbrush.  Fascinating, I know.  It should be done charging by now, so I’ll use it for the first time tonight.  Woohoo!


  1. penguinslippers

    I love electric toothbrushes! I’m a bit of fanatic about keeping my teeth clean because I’d really like to go through life without every getting another cavity (I realize that doesn’t jive with my two years of no dentist appointments) and those things are awesome! Did the dentist tell you to get that?

  2. Zannah

    Yup. It makes my whole head vibrate. Really weird, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. More details in my next blog post (’cause I know that everyone cares about how I brush my teeth).

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