Pretty good day

I love days off.  Today we slept in some, but not too late.  Got up, went for a run, had breakfast.  I had a very successful shopping trip to Ann Taylor this afternoon (my gift card from John’s parents took me a LONG way – it was a great present and I need to thank them again).  When I got back, John was in the midst of cleaning out the garage.  After I helped him with his air compressor, he came in and got cleaned up.  Then, best part, we put my new electronic drum set together.  We set it up in the extra bedroom (after shoving the trundle back under the other bed in there) and plugged headphones in.  It was surprisingly quiet.  Too quiet, really.  We went out to Bertucci’s for dinner (I have a weakness for this creamy, cheesy, chicken and tortellini dish they have), and then when we came back, John set up a stereo and speakers for the drum set so you don’t have to have headphones on to hear it.  Also, now it’s louder.  And, even better, we can play together.  He grabbed his guitar and sat in the room with me and we jammed.  🙂  It was really cool.  He needs to practice singing and playing, and I just flat out need to practice, but now we can do that together.  Aw.

We quit after about an hour and a half, and now we’re downstairs on the couch.  I’m on the computer (obviously), and John is playing Star Wars: Battlefront. He’s playing a storm trooper and killing all the good guys!  I think I have a problem with this game.  And Darth Vader just helped him out?!  This is not cool.  On many levels.

Anyway, we’ve had a productive and enjoyable day off.  And we still have two days to go!  Long weekends with no plans are the best.


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