What did we do all day?

For one thing, we stayed up way too late again last night.  I read and John played video games until almost 1 o’clock in the morning.  So our plan for easing back into normal hours wasn’t going well.  We got up around 10 or so, which is not outrageous for a Saturday, but still not normal.  I wanted to run today, if only to convince my legs that squats and lunges from the day before do not automatically mean a break from running.  I didn’t need to go far and we were out of bagels and cream cheese, so I ran to Bloom.  This time I used a backpack stuffed with sweatshirts (so I could pad the bagels and keep them from bouncing around on the way back).  It worked better than the grocery bag I used last time, but it’s still hard to run with a backpack bouncing around.  I either had to let it bounce (annoying) or hold onto the straps, which means I can’t pump my arms.  And that’s just awkward.  I don’t think I’ll be running to Bloom anymore.  And the bagels I bought today are the last bagels allowed in the house for quite some time.  Starting Monday, I am going back to strictly watching everything I eat.

After breakfast, we went down to the basement to do some cleaning up.  We brought some things upstairs (games, picture frames) and threw out a lot.  There’s a lot more to do, but at least we made a dent.  Then we went upstairs and rearranged the guest bedroom.  We’re thinking about getting rid of the two twin beds and replacing them with a futon to create a little more room in there.  For now, we just moved the drum set over so we won’t be tripping over all the cables.  Not much rearranging, actually.

We took the dogs to PetSmart so they could pick out new toys for themselves, and then we left them at home so we could run other errands.  We’ve been to Target, Home Depot, Sears, and Borders tonight.  I’m worn out.  It’s after ten, I do NOT want to stay up late tonight, and we still have a few things to do tomorrow.  Well, I really only have one thing I have to do (grocery shopping).  The rest of the day can be spent however I want, so it will probably include (in no particular order) a run, lots of reading, calling Mom, and getting John to help me with some changes I want to make to this site.

I have stared at that last paragraph for too long without really seeing it.  That’s a signal to me that I’m too tired to keep writing tonight.  Also, I’m out of things to write for now.  🙂  Good night!

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