Two more movies

I forgot to mention yesterday that we finally watched The Golden Compass.  I read the books a while back (maybe a year or two ago) and loved them.  The movie is…okay.  Fun.  But it misses so much of the story.  It really couldn’t help but be disappointing, I think.  The most jarring part of the movie, though, was the ending.  The movie ended before the book did.  That may have been a good choice for the movie.  I remember being surprised and a little dissatisfied with the ending of the book.  (It helped that I already had the next book, of course.)  The ending of the first book goes very well with the beginning of the second, so, if they’re planning a second movie, it kind of makes sense to put it there.  Anyway, I wasn’t expecting it to end where it did (the movie).  So that was a little weird.

Today, we went out to the movies to see Last Chance Harvey (Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman).  It was a really nice movie.  And I LOVE Emma Thompson.  No crying (although I did tear up once – no, twice).  It’s set in London, and John spent the entire movie working out how we can move there.  The current plan is for him to pursue his doctorate there.  I need to work out how I can be friends with Emma Thompson.  🙂


  1. Jessica

    I agree that the movie isn’t nearly as good as the book. I think they had to really water down some of the blatantly anti-religion things to begin with if they had any hope of it being successful in the box office. (In the current religious climate (highly encouraged by our present-but-not-for-much-longer administration) you can’t have movies that are so strongly against the idea of God as the books are.) But I still love the movie because it’s just so beautiful to watch.

    I love the books (you probably already gathered that from my posts). Not just the story itself, but I think the story telling is excellent. It helps that I’m pretty anti-religion myself, I suppose. And married to a Catholic of all things. 🙂

  2. Jessica

    Hey, you can be friends with Emma Thompson and I can be friends with Kate Winslet and we can all move to England (where John and I can both get our doctorates) and everyone will be happy.

    I like it.

  3. momma betty

    Can I come and be your char lady? I’ll cook, too. And read drafts of dissertations…as long as I don’t have to write another one myself!

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