Lazy weekend

I love library sales.  We bought 20 or so books for $24.  This was yesterday (Saturday).  We got there around noon, maybe a little before.  The books were organized by genre, mostly, but that’s it.  I didn’t find anything I was looking for, but I found plenty of books I’m interested in.  That’s pretty much how it usually goes.  The books are spread out on table tops and in shallow boxes under the tables, so I spent about half of our time there on the floor under the tables, trying not to trip the people around me.

Today I was planning on going to DC to see Jess, but Chuck got sick last night (hope you’re feeling better, Chuck!) and Jess decided to stay home with him, both to take care of him and to catch up on the sleep she missed since he was so sick.  Disappointing not to be able to hang out, but it turned out okay since I was feeling very very lazy today.  Very.  I was already up relatively early (9ish), so I didn’t go back to bed or anything.  Actually, John went for a run and I went to the grocery store.  All errands were done by 1:30 or so, and I pretty much haven’t moved from the couch since then.  I read for a while, and John did his homework.  Then we played a game of chess (I had to be retaught).  He won, but I think I made it a little bit of a challenge for him.  Oh, we’ve had a fire going all afternoon, too.  It’s been very pleasant.  Now John is cooking dinner, and I don’t plan to make it a late night.

Not very exciting, I know.  Sorry.


  1. Jessica

    Sorry! If you’re not busy then, let’s plan for the Saturday after next (for either museum or coffee or both depending on whether or not Chuck and Cody come along). I think Saturdays are better anyway. I find that I’m much more reluctant to leave the house on Sundays, even when Chuck isn’t sick. 🙂

    He seems to be better now. No revisit of last night.

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