I think I have blisters.

I shoveled snow!  And ice.  Mostly ice.  But I did it!  John is at school, so when I got home today (not very long ago), I decided to try to clear the driveway and sidewalk of the packed ice that appeared after last night’s and this morning’s freezing rain.  John shoveled the snow away last night.  It was pretty easy to get the shovel all the way under it, but ice is heavy!  And my back started to hurt (towards the side, and mostly on the left side even though I made a point of switching my grip on the shovel) before I was halfway done.  At least my neighbors think I’m less of a girly girl now.  Both Mike, the crazy guy who lives behind us, and Mark, the boyfriend of Mike’s ex-wife who lives across the street from us, said I was doing a good job and decided to shovel their own sidewalks.  Anyway, I’m hot and sweaty (ick), my hands hurt (I wasn’t wearing gloves – stupid, I know), my arms are a little weak, and my back hurts.  All from shoveling ice for about 20-25 minutes.  I am a WIMP!  The worst part is that the sidewalk is still wet and all that moisture is just going to freeze again overnight.  So unless it warms up enough to melt and dry up tomorrow, we’re going to be looking at icy sidewalks for a few more days.

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