Aches and pains

I may have mentioned yesterday that my back hurt a bit after shoveling.  That was nothing.  The whole upper half of my back aches.  I barely noticed it this morning, but as the day has gone on, it’s been harder to ignore.  I’m certainly not in any pain.  My (mostly unused) upper back muscles are just protesting yesterday’s unexpected exercise.  I wish they’d protest a little quieter.

We’re planning a quiet night at home (how is that different from any other night?  It’s not.  Shut up.) tonight.  We finished the first four episodes of Battlestar Galactica Season 4 last night, and we have the next disc already, so that’s probably what we’ll watch.  Still haven’t watched the first Lost episode of the season, but we’ll probably do that this weekend.  Our DVR is starting to act funny again, so we’re going to try to watch and/or record everything we have saved so we can get a new one from the cable company.

Anyway, I’m hoping to leave work very soon (just waiting for John to check out with our boss).  Yay home!


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