Mondays just keep getting longer

It almost doesn’t matter what happens on any given Monday.  It could be a good day, a bad day, a normal day…it still takes forever.  Today wasn’t any particular kind of day.  Work was busy, but in a good way.  The company band had its first meeting of the year tonight, and that was both fun and frustrating.  I didn’t get home until about 8 o’clock, which kinda sucks, but the dogs were fine and I didn’t have anything to do anyway.  I watched some TV (last week’s episode of Fringe may have been the grossest yet), and I think I’m going to crawl into bed and read.  This is the one night a week the dogs get to come upstairs with me, at least until John gets home.  They keep me company when I’m alone in the house.  Oops.  It’s later than I thought and Roxy needs her medicine.

Lemon out.

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