What is up with my eyes?

This weekend was weird.  For me, anyway.  It started fine.  We got home from work kinda late on Friday, ate a quick dinner, and then went to our second dance lesson.  We started the waltz!  I know I’ve watched too many Disney movies and too many musicals, but I’ve always wanted to be the princess being waltzed around the ballroom.  Learning to waltz (and having someone to waltz with) is probably the main reason I wanted us to take these lessons.  So that was cool.  🙂  We got up early Saturday morning (6-ish), dropped the dogs at the kennel, and drove to John’s parents’ house in PA.  And this is where it got weird.  As I drove from the house to the kennel, I noticed that I was really only seeing out of my right eye.  If I closed my right eye and only used my left, it was like looking through a frosted window.  There was no discomfort, but I couldn’t go the whole weekend only using my right eye, so when we got to the kennel, I took my contact solution to the restroom and cleaned my left lens.  Put it back in, same problem.  So, since they were disposable lenses, I threw them out and switched to my glasses.  Clear vision, no problems, and I drove the rest of the way.  Almost as soon as we walked in the door in Fogelsville, my left eye started to water.  Pat told us she had to clean a thin layer of pollen off of every surface in the house that morning, so I’m pretty sure this was a reaction to that.  After a couple of hours, my left eye was itching, watering, and red (and a little puffy).  I took some benadryl and conked out for about two hours (they woke me up for dinner).  When I woke up, both eyes were bothering me, not just the left one.  Anyway, I felt fine, but watering, itching eyes are really annoying.  I felt like I was constantly on the verge of tears.  We had tickets to a minor league baseball game (the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs were playing the Gwinnett Braves) that night, and even though I was still a bit groggy from the benadryl, I wanted to go.  The stadium is new and really nice, and our tickets were for the club level, right along the first base line.  Sometime during the 8th inning, the skies opened and it started to POUR.  Heavy rain, thunder, lightning, the works.  They had the field covered before we made it under the roof.  We waited a little to see if the rain would stop, but after about 15 minutes, it hadn’t let up even a little, so we gave up.  I don’t think they had called the game yet, but the Iron Pigs didn’t have a chance anyway.  The score was 4 or 5 to nothing, and the Pigs had only managed to get three guys on base the whole game.  (They’re not very good, apparently.)  It was fun, even with the rain.  We got back to the house, dried off, and watched the Walken Family Reunion skit from SNL on the projector in the basement.  Amy Poehler does a hilarious Christopher Walken impression.  It wasn’t all that late, but with my eyes and the benadryl, I was fading, so I went to bed.  Woke up feeling a little better this morning (I think because I closed the windows in bedroom), but that didn’t last long after I got up.  I was counting on getting home (and away from whatever tree is trying to kill me – maybe the dogwoods in their front yard?) to clear this up.  I’m all clean, hair washed, no pollen anywhere near me (not from PA, anyway), so I’m hoping to wake up tomorrow morning with normal eyes.  We’ll see.  It skewed the whole visit for me.  It’s hard to enjoy seeing family when you’re basically crying and fighting to stay awake.  We’ll see them again soon, though.

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