Happy Anniversary, Mindy and Mark!

Three years today.  Woohoo!

I have a lot to do today (and my eyes feel normal now, thank you very much), so I may not be able to revisit this later.  I have to stay focused at work, and I have errands to run and some straightening up and cleaning to do when I get home.  My running has suffered terribly over the last week (from laziness last week, and over the weekend and the first few days of this week from lack of time), but I’ll be climbing back on the eat-right wagon today.  Please ignore the tall skim white mocha from Starbucks this morning.  (Damn!  Slipping already!  Okay, I’m eating right starting….NOW!)

Quick to-do list:

  1. Work – become an expert in this thing I have to have a meeting about tomorrow
  2. Grocery store on the way home from work
  3. Move drumset out of guest room
  4. Vacuum upstairs, make the beds, clean the bathroom

Not too bad.


  1. mbenner

    Ah, it sounds so familiar! The eating thing…I hope it went well yesterday! Also, any tips on how to motivate to run in the morning? It’s so pretty outside I think it would be nice!

    Still (im)patiently awaiting photos of cute baby geese…


  2. mel

    Thanks for the anniversary happies! I noticed you haven’t blogged since M&D arrived/left. Whirlwind, ain’t they?

    How’d the expert meeting go?

  3. Zannah

    Tips for getting up in the morning to run…I could use some myself. I didn’t do it this morning. Get to bed earlier, and remind yourself (every morning) of how much better you’ll feel (in general and about yourself) when it’s over. I always feel like I’ve accomplished something when I run before breakfast!

    My expert meeting went very well, actually, thanks for asking. I felt like an expert. 🙂 Of course, now I have a ton of work to do in two days, and I’m trying to freak out about it. Oops – trying NOT to freak out about it. 🙂

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