Another eventful day

Today was…something, the details of which I will not get into online.  Good, though.  You want to know?  Call me.  Or email me.

John is on the phone with his parents, going over all the details.  I’ll call mine tomorrow.  I’ll probably end up working a bit this weekend, since some of the things we needed to finish testing today were not available to test.  But the kind of busy I’ve been all week is the good kind.  Busy, useful, and substantive.  Stuff got done.

John and I might go see The Time Traveler’s Wife this weekend.  I’m very excited.  I won’t believe we went to see a movie on opening weekend until it actually happens, though.  The last movie I saw on its opening weekend (its opening day, in this case) was the first Harry Potter movie 8 years ago, and that wasn’t planned.  It just worked out that way.

We’ve been to the movies a lot recently, now that I think about it.  We saw The Hangover a few weeks ago, and then Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince last weekend – it just occurred to me that they totally don’t explain the Half-Blood Prince thing in the movie.  I liked it, very much, but it wasn’t the best movie.  It was clearly a set-up for the last two movies, which is fine, and I think it did that well, but they left out things I really wanted to see.  Of course, I’d have gone to the movie if they’d filmed it true to the book and it was 16 hours long, so my opinion can’t be trusted.  But I’d see it again.  I think some of the acting was the best it’s been so far.  I love Harry Potter.

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