Catching up

Finally, we got rain.  Friday night, we went to Wolf Trap to see Great Big Sea with Joe, Megan, Rob, Betsy, Will, Jeff, Stephanie, and some couple more friends of Joe’s.  Just as the opening band started to play, the skies opened.  It poured.  John and I crowded under our giant umbrella with Rob, Will, Jeff, and Stephanie, while Megan and Betsy ran for cover, and Joe and one of his friends just stayed out in it and got soaked.  There wasn’t a lot of lightning, so they didn’t call off the show, but it pretty much rained the entire time.  We got home a little before 11:30 – or maybe that’s when we got in the car to go home…I don’t remember.  It was late, but felt later.  Even with the umbrella, we were mostly soaked.

We spent the rainiest part of Saturday in the basement sorting through boxes.  We found a lot of stuff to give away (Purple Heart is picking up tomorrow), including most of my Navy uniforms.  Woohoo!  All gone.  🙂  We went through a lot of stuff down there, but you can’t tell.  And that’s a little depressing.  What we need is a shredder.  At least a third of the boxes stacked down there are old bills, old papers that we filed away, that we don’t need to hold on to anymore.  We also need to buy an external floppy drive.  We found a whole bunch of disks, but we have no way of seeing what’s saved on them.

Today was the opposite of yesterday.  Sunny skies, not too hot, no time spent in the basement….  I got a pedicure today, cleaned up the backyard, weeded a little, mowed the front, and John replaced all the spark plugs and wires in the car.  And I still kinda feel like I didn’t do much.  Where’s my sense of accomplishment?

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