Time for school!

For the second time today, we have the windows open all over the house.  I’m SO glad it cooled off.  Of course, it IS August, and I’m sure this won’t last.

John’s first class of the semester is tomorrow, and he spent some of the evening getting a head start on his reading.  A guy we work with has taken both of the classes John signed up for this time, and he thinks John is crazy to be taking them at the same time.  That’s making John a little nervous about his workload this semester.  We’ll see how it looks after he’s been to both classes.

I’m going to spend the rest of my evening reading my book and relaxing.  John just settled into the papasan chair to finish the third article he needs to have read for the class tomorrow.  And actually, it’s not due tomorrow.  (I just asked.)  He needs to have it read for next Tuesday’s class.  He really wants to be a week ahead.  See what I mean about being a little nervous?  He does it for classes, I do it for airports.

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