Today’s post will be an exercise in stream-of-consciousness writing.  Which could get me in trouble.  So slightly censored stream-of-consciousness.  Which might be cheating, but whatever.  And I have a really hard time typing “consciousness”.  I can barely say it.  And I might not even mean stream-of-you know what I mean.  Maybe I mean free association.  Related?  Probably.  I could take a break to google it, but I don’t want to.  Should “google”, when used as a verb, be capitalized?  “I Googled free association and that other phrase I’m refusing to type” or “I googled…”  Not sure.  Also, don’t care much.  Today was not very exciting, not at all busy, and mostly very boring.  (Not very exciting = mostly very boring.  Talk about redundant.  I wasn’t, but that’s not the point.  I have no point today.  Which is the point.  Oh crap.  Leave me alone.)

I’m mostly pretty happy that I actually ran four miles this morning.  No, that’s not technically true, either.  I went outside and was active for four miles.  I ran the first one, ran some of the second one, walked pretty much the entire third mile, and ran the fourth one.  But it’s still a mile more that I’ve been doing this week.  And tomorrow I’ll probably have to cut it short, since I’m going to the doctor (routine) and have to be there at 8am.  No breakfast, lots of water.  If I run (and I plan to), I’m going to have to chug water when I get back.  And figure out breakfast on the way to work, since I have to get there by 9:30 tomorrow.  Of course, my doctor visits never take that long.  How long can it really take to draw some blood, listen to my heart, and bang on my knee?  I can’t remember the last time someone actually checked my reflexes like that.  Unless it was me, doing it to myself.  ‘Cause it’s kinda fun to watch your lower leg kick out like that if you hit the right part of the front of your knee.  And I am easily amused.  I’m also hungry.  I added toast with peanut butter to my cereal – that sounds awful.  I mean, in addition to the cereal I normally have for breakfast, I started eating a piece of toast last week because I was practically starving on the drive in to work.  And that’s less than an hour after I ate the cereal.  So the toast was working and I’ve been able to make it to lunchtime without gnawing my arm off, but this morning it just wasn’t enough.  I made it, but my mouse pad was starting to look appetizing.  Usually I have some kind of snack to avoid getting that hungry, but I didn’t think about it today.  (I like to snack on dry cereal – not too many calories (’cause a half a cup is a lot of cereal), but still sweet enough that I feel like I’m eating candy.)  Yeah, I don’t want to talk about food.

New topic.  I don’t have a new topic.  So maybe I’m done for now.  Was this awful?  Should I never do it again?


  1. Jessica

    Chuck likes to check my reflexes. He gets giggle-fits (if one is allowed to say that about a guy) over watching my leg flop up uncontrollably. Always makes me think of Kermit the Frog. I know I’ve seen something in which Kermit’s legs flop around like that, completely on their own volition.

  2. Zannah

    It’s in Muppets Take Manhatten, after Kermit gets hit by the car. The doctor also takes his arm and twists it around a bunch of times. Kind of disturbing, actually. But I love that movie.

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