Hungry dog

Riley barely waited for me to let go of the bowl before he attacked his food tonight.  Poor guy.  We’ve caught Roxy eating out of his bowl lately instead of hers, so maybe he just hasn’t been eating regularly.  Of course, if she eats his food, hers is still there, so if he were hungry enough, I’m sure he’d eat it.

I hate mosquitoes.  They don’t just ruin your day when they bite you; they ruin your WHOLE WEEK.  Seriously, I got bitten five or six times on Saturday, and I’m still fighting it.  Do they have any redeeming value?  I mean, I REALLY don’t like spiders, but at least they eat other bugs I don’t like (like flies and maybe mosquitoes, right?).  Do mosquitoes do any good?

Google to the rescue: mosquitoes work as population control, by carrying diseases, for people and animals.  They’re also food for birds, bats, frogs, etc, so they might starve if we got rid of mosquitoes.  And apparently, they’re pollinators.  So not enTIREly useless.  But I still hate them.

One last thing: the microwave works like a champ.  I steamed broccoli in it last night and it came out just right.

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