Just call me a slacker

I’ve skipped a lot of days.  They weren’t particularly exciting days.  I had a very quiet, very nice weekend.  John went to PA for his brother’s birthday.  My plans fell through at the last minute, so I had some time to kill.  I finally made it to the Ashburn farmers market (bought some yummy apple cinnamon pound cake), and then I went to the Loudoun County Animal Shelter.  Big place.  (They have horses, too.)  No new pets for us, though.  Two dogs are enough, it seems.

Saturday was mostly overcast and rainy, so I spent the rest of the day inside with the dogs, reading my book and keeping Riley from licking his paw.  He doesn’t seem to understand that it won’t heal (just a little scratch) if he won’t leave it alone.  I FINALLY finished the Mars trilogy.  I thought it would never end.  I liked it, I really did, but I was SO ready for something else.  I started the third Inda book (fantasy – love these books) Saturday afternoon and finished it before dinner Sunday night.  (I really did almost nothing but read this weekend.)  Tried the new Indian restaurant in Ashburn for dinner.  It was okay.  I like our regular one better.

Sunday was a BEAUtiful day.  I spent most of it outside.  Reading, but outside.  I had breakfast on the deck, and then I blocked off the front steps of the porch so the dogs could join me and sat out on the porch swing (reading).  Riley got a little anxious (I have no idea why) and climbed up in the swing with me.  When I got tired of that (and of Riley’s restlessness), I moved us all into the backyard.  Grabbed a blanket, spread it out in the shade of the little trees in the back corner, ran back inside to get the bug spray, and then I settled down to read some more.

It was perfect weather.  Warm enough for shorts, perfectly blue sky, and Roxy hung out with me next to the blanket (and on it, when I brought my pb&J outside for lunch).  And I couldn’t put my book down.  Finally, I was reading something I was excited about.  Unfortunately, it was the third book in a four-book series.  The fourth book came out last month, but only in hardcover.  Unless I can find it at the library, I’m waiting for the paperback.  Sadly.

While I’m waiting for that, though, I have plenty of other books to read.  I just started The Magicians, by Lev Grossman.  The plot so far (I’m only a few chapters in) seems to be a cross between The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and Harry Potter.  But with older kids.  And I like it.  Yay!

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