Crossing things off the list

Errands 1 and 2 (vet and dentist – no cavities!) are done.  I can’t do laundry tonight (or not until late, anyway), since the washer and dryer are in the basement and that would disturb the band rehearsal (also in the basement).  Oh, and they’re meeting the new drummer tonight.  He works with Joe, I guess, and he’s about 25 or so.  Nice guy, I think.

I might have to find somewhere to go on rehearsal nights – they are LOUD.  Not so much from outside, though.  You can hear them, but only from pretty close to the house.  They certainly aren’t disturbing the neighbors.  But it’s loud enough in the house (upstairs, too) that it’s hard for me to concentrate on anything.  I’m heading to the bedroom to read, but there’s a vent that goes straight from the basement to the hallway right outside our room, so it’s only a little quieter than the family room.  Tonight I went to get a haircut and pick up cereal, so there’s an hour of rehearsal down, but I can’t get my hair cut every week.

I sound like I don’t like them.  I do, and I don’t mind listening to the rehearsals, but two hours of them repeating songs at the volume necessary to carry over the drums is a bit much.  Every week.  So I’m going upstairs.  It’s probably a lot better up there than I think.

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