SOOOO tired

Whirlwind weekends wear me out.  Weather.  Water.  Whoosh.  And other words that start with W.  Whatever.  I need sleep!  John and I got up at 4:30 Friday morning so we could leave the house by 5:15 (it was closer to 5:30) to get to the airport by 6 to catch our 6:55 flight.  No problems.  We got breakfast at a place near the gate and ate it on the plane to Atlanta.  We had more than enough time to eat on the plane because we were delayed half an hour on the runway before take-off.  Fun.  We barely made our flight in Atlanta after running across the airport (naturally, our connection was leaving from the next terminal over from the one we landed in).  We were almost the last people on the plane, but we made it.  Starting then, whirlwind stress was over and we could just have whirlwind fun.  Except we didn’t realize it was going to be whirlwind fun.  We were expecting, you know, regular fun.

Dad and Mindy picked us up at the airport and we all went to get Mom and go for lunch at Lynn’s Paradise Cafe.  With Mark.  Who took Mindy home after lunch and left the rest of us to do some Bardstown Rd browsing and shopping.  Several hours later, John and I were shopped out and ready to drop, so we headed to Mom and Dad’s new house for the tour.  I like the house.  It doesn’t feel like Mom and Dad’s house yet, but I’m sure it will eventually.  We had brisket for dinner (yay! – and Mom, your gravy/reduction/whatever was good) and then we collapsed.  John and I actually got up to run Saturday morning (and it’s Tuesday now and that was the last time I ran – I am so not ready for our race next weekend).  We stayed together for a while and then split up to take separate jogging tours of historic Shelbyville.  Breakfast turned into brunch (yummy frittata) and then the four of us went antiquing.  Hmm.  That looks like an-ti-kyu-ing.  We went to antique stores to look at antiques.  We got back from that just to turn around and go back to Louisville for Mark’s stepmother’s birthday cookout.  Hot dogs, burgers, crab legs, shrimp, and lots of family (of Mark’s) I hadn’t met before.  It was fun.  I spent much of the evening entertaining (and being entertained by) Mark’s seven-year-old niece.  People kept trying to rescue me, but she kept right on coming back.  I didn’t really need to be rescued.  Anyway, we headed home after ten and collapsed again.  Got up early Sunday morning (7ish) and got back in the car to drive back to Louisville to get on the plane to come home.  Another rushed connection in Atlanta, but boarding had only just started when we got to the gate, so we had plenty of time.  Got home, picked up the dogs, and refused to do anything else that evening.

That’s not entirely true.  We picked up our room (which is mostly me cleaning off the top of my dresser and bedside table) and sorted through John’s closet looking for things to donate.

I just need a full day off.  I need a good night’s sleep with no alarm clock at the far end.  I had to get up early Monday for my follow-up with the cornea specialist in Tyson’s Corner (no change – see him in a year), and I had to be at work at 8 this morning.  Tonight is going to be a late night (U2 concert at FedEx Field), and while I don’t have to get up early tomorrow, I won’t get to bed until after two (probably), so that doesn’t count as a good night’s sleep.

Oh, stop whining already.  Look what I have to put up with.  Poor me, I got to go see my family and go to a U2 concert.  That’s so sad.

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