Good concert.  Really good.  Bono got a little preachy (like he does), and his voice was really tired by the end (but that was kinda cool rather than disappointing), but it was fun.  The best part was when they started “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” and about one line in, Bono just stopped singing.  The crowd (about 80,000 people is what I heard somewhere) sang the whole first verse and chorus alone, and it was SO COOL.  I love that.  And then from that song, he (and we) sang a verse and chorus of “Stand By Me”.  U2 isn’t my favorite band, but even the songs I’m not crazy about are really cool live.

Joe and Megan were supposed to come with us, but at the last minute they couldn’t.  Lloyd and Maggie were going, too, so we traded some tickets around and arranged to sit with them.  We carpooled to FedEx Field (which is where we saw Paul McCartney (I liked that concert better)) by going through DC instead of around it via the Beltway, so we didn’t have to deal with taking three hours to get there.  We left around 4:30 and got to the parking lot some time after six.  Getting home was hard, too, but it happened eventually.  It was about 2am.

Christina took care of the dogs for us yesterday evening (Thank you, Christina!), so we didn’t have to worry about them.  They were very confused about why we were all up in the middle of the night, though.  We crashed and slept in.  Got up a little before 10 and went to Bob Evans for brunch before getting to work around noon.

I am so ready for life to get back to normal.  I want normal bedtimes, normal getting up times, normal exercise, normal eating…healthier than normal is probably better to shoot for.

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