Long way to the point. If that is the point.

I finished reading Old Man’s War, by John Scalzi, this morning.  That’s the second book of his I’ve read, and I’ve really liked them both.  Original, entertaining, light, funny – all good things for science fiction.

We had a good weekend, but any rest I earned was used up Monday morning.  And there may not have been that much rest, now that I think about it.  John’s band practiced until late (well, after ten, I think) Friday night, and I got up and hit the road relatively early Saturday morning to drive to Annapolis to hang out with Jess and Chuck (which was exactly what I needed – Jess and I had a yummy lunch, sitting outside in perfect weather, and then we picked up Chuck and hung out for a few more hours.  Very relaxing and fun.).

Tip: From now on, if I need to get to the other side of DC, I will be taking the south side of the beltway.  Not a single slow-down the whole way.  That has NEVER happened to me going around the north side.  I’m sure traffic sucks in rush hour, but it sucks everywhere then.

Anyway, I got home Saturday evening, John and I had a quick dinner, and then the band came back over for more rehearsal.  I went back upstairs, watched some more TV on Hulu, and read until I fell asleep.  They didn’t quit until around midnight.

Sunday, we slept in, got bagels for breakfast, and lounged around for a while.  I did get done what I needed to do, though: laundry and grocery shopping.  Oh, and I took the dogs to the new dog park in Leesburg.

Fascinating, I know.

Monday morning came WAY too early.  I had to get up at 5am.  I was ready on time, but Mark was late (he was supposed to pick me up at 6), and then he drove right by the house.  That’s not his fault, though, since it was still really dark and the porch light doesn’t illuminate the house number.  I saw a car go by slowly, so I called his cell phone and went outside.  We got downtown with plenty of time to spare and went to Cosi for coffee, which I managed to spill on my knee (it was iced, thankfully).  I was wearing a dark suit, so it wasn’t really obvious.  But that reminds me – I should take that suit to be dry cleaned.  And figure out what I’m wearing for the next meeting Friday morning.  But this meeting first.  Aside from being so early (and both of us stifling yawns the whole time), the meeting went fine.  We had two hours and we managed to cover everything.  And then the guy said he had another hour.  We managed to fill it, but we were reaching by the end.  Back to the office by 11:30, and I was wiped out.  I could barely keep my eyes open the rest of the day (and I was at work until 6pm because John had to stay until then), and I had to ask John to drive home.

My point, I suppose, is that I’m tired.  I ran today, and John wants to get to bed early (’cause he’s tired, too), and I’ll run tomorrow, and all of that should help me feel rested….I hope.

Stir fry tonight!

(Does this feel disjointed to anyone?  Uneven, perhaps?)

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