I like Gary Sinise

I don’t have a lot to say today.  I overreacted a couple of times (in the privacy of the house and then my office, and I only vented to John and Christina), about the same guy, but two different things, and I don’t want to talk about it anymore.  But it’s uppermost in my mind (’cause I’m still really annoyed), so I’m having a hard time thinking of other things to write about.  There are lots of random, half-finished thoughts rattling around in my head, but nothing worth writing an essay about.  Not that I write essays.  Want a sample?  Okay.

The band is rehearsing.  I’m in the bedroom, which is right next to the vent that carries sound awfully well up from the basement.  They’re playing “In a Little While”, by U2, and I thought, “We should really consider sound-proofing the basement when we get around to finishing it.  Of course, that probably won’t help with the vent issue, so maybe it’s not worth it.”  They just switched to “Santeria”.

There’s a spider who keeps spinning a really big web from the lamppost by the driveway to the big bush on the other side of the front porch steps.  It’s been there for almost a week now, and it keeps coming back even though I destroy the web almost every day.  Give up already!  Maybe more than a week.  And maybe it’s not the same spider.  But it’s freaking me out.  I look carefully every day now, ’cause Saturday morning I walked right into it and screamed a little before dropping everything I was carrying.  I ran back inside and made John check my hair and my back to make sure the spider wasn’t on me.  That still makes me shudder.  Stupid spider.  There was another big one closer to the front door, but I drowned it in Raid.

I wish I hadn’t thought of that.  Now I have to check the bed (a la Sound of Music).

Quick, think happy thoughts (with no bugs in them)!  Ooh, I think I’ll give CSI: NY a try.  (I’m hoping to see Gary Sinise.  I like him.)  There he is!

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