A very movie weekend

This weekend was all about the movies.  I watched Babe, Get Smart, The Women, and The Philadelphia Story.  I loved BabeGet Smart was okay, but not as funny as it should have been.  The Women was not good.  It was watchable, but only just.  I liked The Philadelphia Story (Katherine Hepburn looked fantastic), but I prefer High Society. Even though High Society went so far as to steal whole lines of dialogue from the original.  Actually, I think the comparison made me enjoy The Philadelphia Story all the more.

The rain is gone and it’s early on a sunny Monday morning.  Time for breakfast, and then I’m off to my first day on my new job!


  1. inoidiot

    Two women, both have blogs.

    One woman, sixteen years old no less, gets in her 34 foot Sparkman and Stephens sailing yacht and leaves Sydney Harbour, Australia on her quest to become the youngest woman to sail solo around the world.

    The other woman sits in the house all day and watches movies.

    Two different women, two different choices.

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