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This weekend is not starting so well, exercise-wise.  Yesterday, I didn’t run because it was raining when we got up.  This morning, John looked out the window and said it wasn’t raining, so we got up and put on running clothes.  He didn’t lie to me; he’s just blind.  It was raining steadily, and has been since we got up.  I don’t have any schedule restraints today, so I’m just going to stay in these clothes and wait (hope) for the rain to let up.  But it’s not looking good.  And we’re about to have breakfast.  I’ve already sabotaged a healthy eating day by buying Entenmann’s glazed pop’ems (and planning on Indian food while John is at his gig tonight).  On the other hand, there are exercise-type things I can do inside, so if it gets to late afternoon with no let-up, I’ll switch to one of my aerobics DVDs and then do resistance exercises.  And probably other things.  I will!


  1. inoidiot

    Hence the symbolism in Frank Baum’s story, the wicked witch’s fear of melting. See, if one is basically good, one has no fear of water, and events such as baptism, when one’s whole body is immersed under water, are taken in stride. On the other hand, if one is afraid of melting (ie. afraid of water) then that makes one wonder where the fear comes from – what is there to be afraid of? People do not melt so there is someting else driving this fear.

    I think a thorough and deep introspection is in order.

  2. Zannah

    You may be right. I may have a deep-seated fear of water that keeps me from running in the rain. But it’s one that doesn’t stop me from swimming, showering, or washing my hands.

    On the other hand, it could be as mundane as not wanting to have to wait three days for my completely soaked running shoes to dry out.

    I just watched The Mentalist, so if Simon Baker wants to come over and hypnotize me so we can work this out, I’m all for it. Anyone have a connection to him?

  3. inoidiot

    Ah, the Great American Wet Shoe Tragedy. One of these days someone will invent a dryer and this will not be an issue anymore.

  4. Zannah

    My point exactly, Jess, thank you. I mean, if the shoes were canvas, they’d survive okay, but running shoes are all mesh and plastic and rubber. The dryer would deform them. Thankfully, someone invented the aerobics DVD (it was Yoga Booty Balley for me on Saturday) and everything worked out. Including me. 🙂

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