One more day, please

I really needed today.  Yesterday was a very good day, but it was pretty tiring.  The weather let us down early on (it wasn’t raining), so we got up as planned and went to Wolf Trap for the hardest 5K ever.  Seriously, half of it was uphill, including the second half of the first mile and the very last part of the race.  We had to run uphill to the finish line!  That’s just mean.  But it was good and it felt great to be done with it.  We headed home to finish the cleaning we’d started Friday night.  John’s parents and one of his sisters arrived around 1pm, maybe a little later, to spend the day and celebrate John’s birthday.  They brought food (his mom makes the greatest chicken parmesan), cake, and presents, and we had a really good time.  It’s just that whenever we have people in the house, we’re not totally relaxed.  We’re on, and being on for that long takes a lot out of us.  They left around 9:30 or so, we did a little more cleaning up, and that was it.  The house looks great, though (no clutter on the island or the kitchen counters!), and we’re going to really make an effort to keep it that way.  We say that every time, but we’ve made it one day so far and everything still looks good.  We took the extra desk out of the dining room (put it in the basement), so there’s more space there.  Which we’ll need, of course, because we want a new (bigger) dining room table.  Before Thanksgiving, if possible.  We’re looking at a minimum of nine people this Thanksgiving, with the possibility of up to four more.

Anyway, today was kind of a lazy day.  We started with a walk, to stretch out our aching calves.  We took the dogs and went to the store before breakfast.  (We were out of eggs.)  After breakfast, John started working on his midterm.  Aside from a break to go get his hair cut, he’s been working on it all day.  He’s about halfway done.  I cleaned up the yard, did a lot of laundry, and read.

I’d like another day off before going back to work, but I just can’t have everything, can I?

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