Life is hard

I’m so conflicted!  I’m home, with probably at least an hour before John gets home, and I can’t decide how I want to spend my time.  I want to curl up in the papasan chair in my new cozy library and read my book (it’s really good, but sometimes a little dry), but I also want to mess around on the internet and visit all my sites and blogs.  Wait!  I might be able to do both.  Read now, surf later.  After dinner, John will probably want to play his guitar or work on the book database he’s building for us, so while he’s doing that, I can climb into bed with my laptop.  Problem solved!  I’m off to read.

One side note, totally unrelated: we’re out of broccoli and I want to have a salad with ravioli tomorrow night, so I went to Bloom after I got home.  They’re closing!  Everything is on sale, and they’re not restocking the shelves.  And apparently this has been going on for a while, because the store is half-empty.  Meaning no produce.  So I couldn’t get broccoli or lettuce or anything like that.  But I found this Green Giant potatoes and green beans steamer thing, so we’ll try that with salmon tonight.  I’ll have to get my salad stuff from Wegman’s tomorrow evening.  I know, fascinating.  I’m done with you people.  All critical and stuff.  Good day!


  1. momma betty

    Is this the Bloom’s near you or the one farther away from you? And why do you need Bloom’s when you’ve two Wegmans? Do you think Wegmans would come to Shelbyville? Pretty please!

  2. Zannah

    I don’t really need Bloom, but it’s SO close. It’s the most convenient store to run to when I’m out of something. The one that’s less than a mile from me is closing. The one farther away (near the pharmacy I tend to go to) is still open (I think), but it isn’t as nice and new.

    Maybe you should write Wegman’s a letter….

  3. Zannah

    I can. There’s a Giant 1.5 miles away, a Safeway less than 2.5 miles away, a Wegman’s 4 miles in one direction, another one 6 miles in the other direction, another Giant less than 3 miles away, a Harris-Teeter a little over 3 miles away…

    Bloom was super convenient, but it was never crowded, never really busy. It’s more expensive than Wegman’s (and probably Giant and Safeway), and outside of our neighborhood, I don’t think anyone knew it was there. It was kinda out of the way.

    I don’t know exactly why they’re closing, though. I didn’t ask.

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