1. momma betty

    (What’s that comment above?)

    Poor Roxy. I hope you’re cuddling her on the couch. Yes, you should. How awful for her. I’m going for the Good Dog theory, too, because I don’t Riley would hurt anything much less his sibling–issues and all. Can you adapt her medication for periods like this? Say, a little more for a few days, than back off to normal?

  2. Zannah

    Not on the couch, no, but we’re going to keep her upstairs with us tonight. She hasn’t been herself all day. Hopefully she’ll be back to normal by morning.

  3. Zannah

    No seizures last night, none today. She’s definitely better, but she’s still not herself. We’ll know she’s back to normal when she gets excited about food again. She’s eating and drinking and going outside, but she’s barely wagging her tail, she’s not excited about anything, she’s not trying to steal food from us, and she didn’t really care about her treats today. She’ll eat them, but she’s not dying to get them like usual.

    Wait – she just got up to lick the coffee table (we just ate leftover Chinese food). That’s a good sign.

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