What a difference a day makes

Will it be all sunshine and flowers from now on?  Let’s go with yes.  Why be realistic when I can be optimistic? Seriously, that weight on my shoulders?  Gone.  I’m not saying I love my job or anything now, but holy hand grenade of Antioch, do I feel better.

I don’t ever want to go here.  I had nightmares after Jurassic Park and I was half-convinced raptors were going to leap through my bedroom window and kill me, so a forest full of dinosaurs and GIANT SNAKES is not the place for me.

Curiosity blames her absence on Nicholas Cage.  Lots of things can be blamed on him.  I’m just glad she’s back.

One last thing: the last paragraph of this review of the new Robin Hood movie made me laugh.  Twice.

Now I’m going to bed.  Sorry for the choppy post.  (I tried to call it a chippy post.  Not sure what that means, exactly, but my spellcheck thinks it’s a word.)


  1. I’m going to have nightmares about that blog-post too! (not yours, the link to the dinosaur one) Dinosaurs and snakes and forests, oh my!

  2. Zannah

    Seriously. I can see how it would be kinda cool during the day, but those images would totally follow me home and camp out next to my bed at night. And outside my windows. And at the bottom of the stairs. And under the car.

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