I went to Duke

No, that doesn’t have the same ring to it.  Besides, it’d be more accurate to say I drove around Duke and went to the Sarah P. Duke Gardens.  Which were gorgeous.  And huge.  I think I’d need three full days, with nothing else going on, to get through the whole place.  And a map.  I got lost in one section and still didn’t manage to see that whole part.  Some of it is landscaped and manicured and tidily beautiful.  Some of it (the part I got lost in) looks more like wilderness, like you’re out hiking on a trail far from anywhere, and not mere yards away from a main road crossing Duke’s campus.  Everything is labeled, and there are areas with signs that talk about endangered plant life.  Very educational.  I’d come back here (to Durham) just to explore the gardens a little more.  I guess I could have done that this evening, but I’m leaving ridiculously early tomorrow morning, and I feel better knowing I’m mostly packed already.  I need to leave the hotel around 4:30 tomorrow morning, maybe a little earlier, so I think staying in tonight was a good call to make.

Pictures?  Okay.

While I was lost (but before I knew I was lost), I went over that bridge, down some stone steps, and then nearly ran into a tree. But I got a nice picture out of it.

These steps. I didn't take a picture of the tree I almost ran into.

How awesome is that? There were benches everywhere, in all sorts of wonderful nooks and crannies, and if I lived anywhere near here, I'd spend lots of lazy afternoons reading in the shade.

I half-expected to see swans glide across this pond.

This little cottage (not accurate, but sounds nicer than shelter) overlooks the pond.

Seriously?  I want this place in my backyard.  Then there was the manicured part. With paths…

…and families.


…and a bride.

And flowers…

Lots of flowers.  And I didn’t even see a third of the place.


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