World Cup – you’d think I wouldn’t care, right?

We have had the nicest day.  We got up a little on the early side, went for a run – that reminds me.  I had just started the last mile, I was on my way home, I’d been enjoying my run and the beautiful morning, and then I ran into my old boss.  NOT someone I wanted to see.  We were fake-polite to each other for a few minutes, but that was long enough to really irritate me and put a damper on the rest of my run.  I got over it, though.  We took care of the lawn and the weeding, went out to lunch, spent a few minutes browsing in Best Buy, and then we came home and started watching the USA-England World Cup match.  We stopped about an hour in to go to the movies (Get Him to the Greek – very funny), and now we’re back and we’re watching the rest of the game.  The noise in the stadium is kinda weird.  Like it’s a crowd of angry bees, not people.  Maybe a swarm of irritated kazoos.

They’re all so cute.  Must be a requirement.  Part of the tryout.  You can run, you can kick, you can do whatever else it is soccer players have to do, and you’re good-looking.  You’re in.  Have you seen these guys?  Particularly Bocanegra (captain of the US team) and Green (goalie for England).  Very attractive guys.


  1. You Stoo-pid Bunnies!

    I have a problem with “irritated kazoos” though the description is colorful. I just can’t think of anyone with a kazoo being irritated… Not for long, anyway. Something about a kazoo just melts that stress away. Maybe the English goalie should try it to get him through these difficult times.

  2. Zannah

    Have you read any of the interviews? He seems to be handling it just fine. Like an adult, even. Also, he’s cute. So he has that to fall back on when this soccer thing doesn’t work out.

  3. You Stoo-pid Bunnies!

    Meh, one bad highly publicized play never killed anyone’s career… Wait, Bill Buckner, Scott Norwood, Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams…

    Cheers, Robert Green. Here’s to your future in underwear modeling.

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