Pre-vacation brain drain

My brain is starting to shut down.  Work was hard today, and tomorrow I’m going to be mostly useless.  You know why?  I’m going on vacation!  Woo!  Not a long one, but it should be nice and relaxing.  The worst part (and I’m telling you this in advance to try and prepare you for this traumatic experience) is that there is NO INTERNET CONNECTION where I’m going.  I will have to skip updating this here blog for several days IN A ROW.  Blog aside, what am I going to do without the Internet?  Here’s where I realize I may have a problem.  Do I really think I’m going to be scarred for life if I can’t google the lyrics to that song on the radio or find out what says the temperature is rightnow for a couple of days?  I think I’ll manage somehow.  And when I come back, I’ll have lots of pictures.

But hey, the withdrawal doesn’t have to start just yet.  My vacation doesn’t start until the weekend.  According to my brain, however, it started around lunchtime today.  Ooh, that reminds me of breakfast today.  A guy on my project won breakfast for the office from Chick-fil-A!  That place might have the best fast food breakfast in the world.  They certainly have the best fast food chicken sandwiches in the world.  And since that’s basically what goes on their breakfast menu, I think they’ve got the breakfast trophy all sewn up.  Which reminds me…I used the phrase “hungry as all get out” the other day, and that made me wonder where “as all get out” came from.  I was driving just then, so I couldn’t google it, and I’ve only just remembered.

[Pause for googling]

Okay, according to one forum, the OED says it was first used in Huckleberry Finn in 1884.  I couldn’t find any other references to the origin of that phrase, and I don’t have access to an OED myself (and I don’t subscribe to OED Online, although maybe I should – mm, no, $30 a month), so I can’t check.  That’s not very helpful.  Maybe I’ll be just fine after a few days without Google.  (Look!  I can tie things together!  (Oh, is it not cool to point that kind of thing out?  Better to be subtle and let others notice on their own?  Oops.  Guess I’m not cool.))


  1. Zannah

    Wombat, you won’t regret it. Hm. If you become addicted to their chicken, you might regret it. But it’s so good!

    Thanks, Cor. See ya!

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