I don’t lie awake at night worrying about my dentist’s opinion of me

I heard a really funny commercial for sedation dentistry on the radio today.  Pardon me while I paraphrase: “People don’t avoid going to the dentist because they’re afraid of some pain.  They don’t go because they’re embarrassed because it’s been so long.  They’re afraid of being judged.  So come to So and So’s Sedation Dentistry!  You won’t have to face our judgmental attitudes ’cause you’ll be unconscious!”  Really?  Not “We’re nice.  We don’t judge!”  No, no, it’s “We’ll knock you out!  Come on down!”  Believe me, if I ever decide to try sedation dentistry (it’s tempting), it’ll be because of the pain (and anticipation of pain), not because I care what my dentist thinks about me.

The euphoria after a good morning run

For the first time in many many months, it’s cooler outside than inside (and there’s a breeze!), so I’ve opened the windows.  Feels good.  I can hear the windchimes from the front porch.  Roxy doesn’t care one way or the other (she’s happily gnawing on a new bone), so Riley and I sat out on the deck for a few minutes and communed with the crickets.  What time do crickets quit?  Or am I crazy for thinking they don’t do a lot of cricketing during the day?  Seems like a night-time thing, but here we are, 7:15 in the morning, the sun is the up (although not shining – overcast today) and has been up for about 45 minutes, and the crickets are chirping away.  And I can hear them because the windows are open!

They really do make a lot of noise.