I work hard for the money

(They don’t pay me to come up with titles for blog posts, thankfully.  I’d be fired within a day.)  (You’re welcome for putting that song in your head.)

My brain hurts.  Today was hard and busy and fast-paced and LONG.  But it’s over, and I’m home, and I already have a glass of wine (the first thing I did after letting the dogs out was pour myself a glass of wine).  I considered stopping for a pedicure on the way home, but I really just wanted to be here.  Oh, and I know just the thing to make my brain turn into gooey mush (in a good way).  Check this out (I’m sorry you have to watch a 15-second commercial first).  Pictures of an adorable, itty-bitty, oh-my-god-I-want-to-snuggle tiger cub.