Feeling guilty

I have feelings of guilt.  Not about anything huge, and they’re not overwhelming feelings of guilt, and when I list them here, no one who may be affected is allowed to feel guilt of their own.  I mean it.

  1. I may not have spent every minute I was at work today concentrating on work.
  2. I’m not reading my book.  Right this second.  I mean, I could be reading.  Why am I not?  Guilt.
  3. I haven’t made solid (or any) Thanksgiving plans.
  4. I’m probably (most likely) not spending Thanksgiving with family.
  5. It looks like I won’t see Mom and Dad again until sometime next year.  The rest of the family?  Hopefully in May.
  6. There are certain friends of ours who have a baby boy who we have met only TWICE in his short adorable life.
  7. We have other friends who have had their second child and are moving to Vermont, and we only know these things because John happened to google them and found their blog.
  8. I eat too much.
  9. I don’t exercise enough.
  10. I don’t play with the dogs enough.
  11. I didn’t volunteer my time to help with the midterm elections.
  12. I don’t carpool.

Enough.  Guilt sucks.


  1. I have also done #’s 1, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

    Also- I find out things about friends all the time through their blogs, Facebook’s, etc. and it kind of makes me sad. And guilty, too.

    Don’t feel that way- things happen 🙂

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