Do a little dance

Weddings are fun.  No.  Rephrase.  Dancing is fun.  I don’t particularly like the actual wedding part.  We whispered and giggled through most of the ceremony.  Unobtrusively of course, although the people seated directly behind us might not agree.  How else were supposed to get through this wedding we really didn’t want to go to?  Whenever a response was given by the congregation, I had this urge to shout horribly inappropriate things.  (You’ll be happy to know I restrained myself.)  That’s more to do with my feelings on religion in general than this wedding.

Get down tonight.


  1. ooooh… I love weddings and dancing and free food and booze. I love even more the weddings that have lots of free food at like 11 or 12 AFTER you’ve spent all night dancing.

    Those are the considerate folks. They get better presents from me.

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