We’re either in a rut or we’ve been living here too long.

I think both.  John needed wonton soup (he’s not feeling well), and since I was going to pick up the dry cleaning tonight (dry cleaning, dry cleaning, dry cleaning) and our favorite Chinese takeout place is in the same shopping center, I figured I’d just order in person and then come back for it after a trip to CVS.  In the middle of placing my order, the woman behind the counter looked up and rattled off my address.  Consistency is a good thing, right?

I think the fortune in my fortune cookie tonight was a direct response to John’s:

His: “Love in its essence is spiritual fire.”

Mine: “Lucky you.  Get out your party clothes.”


  1. It’s like being Norm at Cheers. Mr. Wombat is like this at our fave pizza place. They all greet him by name when he walks in. I’d say it’s a good thing. 🙂

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