When the doctor says to rest for two days, just do it

Who knew being knocked unconscious for an hour could be so tiring?  I did a little light cleaning around the house today, and I was feeling a little better, so we ventured outside on a short errand.

I am WIPED.  Turns out I was not ready for that, and so I think tomorrow will be a couch day.  Despite the lure of seeing friends with a visiting adorable puppy (who we will make sure we see next week).  (The friends, not the puppy.)  Now I’m back to trying to hold pudding down and wondering if ramen or mac & cheese is a better dinner choice.  Probably ramen.  ‘Cause I really do need to eat something.  And the evil doctor has deprived me of toast!  The only thing I really want is toast, and I can’t chew it yet.  (Would you like some cheese with your whine?  NO!  I can’t have either!)

Back to the couch and the TV I go.

Edited to add: Mom warned me.  She was right.  I’ll pay attention next time, I promise!  🙂


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