Catching up

After hearing their version of “Let It Snow” on Pandora the other day (last weekend, maybe?), I bought The Four Freshmen album, “Snowfall”.  It’s my new favorite Christmas album.  I’m listening to it now, relaxing a little before bed.  We had a very busy, productive day, starting with a long-overdue visit with Erik and Margaret.  We met for lunch and moved on to Barnes and Noble, chatting about their wedding plans, puppies, travel, wedding music, wedding dresses, and Calvin and Hobbes, among other things.  John and I bought road maps and travel guides for our trip, and then we went shopping for new weather-proof winter coats.  We both ended up with coats with zip-out fleece liners (’cause it just makes more sense), but I fell in love with the new Columbia Kaleidaslope jacket.

Trust me, it’s way more flattering on than in the picture.  I tried on the large, and it was perfect.  And SO warm.  I’m very happy with the coat I got, but can’t I have both?  I need this one, too, right?  Or, you know, not.  I’ll live.  The point of today’s shopping, though, was to get us that much closer to ready for our trip.  Which we’re very very very excited about.

We got home much later than originally planned and settled in for dinner and our annual viewing of Love Actually.  Which got interrupted (but in a good way) when Corey called.  We’d been trying to connect all day, so I put the movie on hold (to be continued tomorrow) to talk to Brother of Mine.  Also long overdue.

Speaking of Christmas, and thanks to nn.c, here’s a link to a bunch of Christmas-themed photos from around the world.  My favorites are the skiing Santas and both of the ones of Santa runners.


  1. The Interrupter

    [broad Cockney] “Eight IS a lot o’ legs, David.” We watched it last night. Thanks for picking me over the movie!

  2. Zannah

    You’re welcome! You know, I can hear the line in my head, but I just can’t get the accent right when I try it out loud. This may come as a surprise to you, but I’m not very good at accents.

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