I’m an optimist, right?

I had a good (for me) idea today.  Not exactly earth-shattering to anyone else, I’m sure.  We’re going to be away for parts of the next few weeks, and I was thinking about how nice it would be to come home to a clean house.

I know, right? Brilliant. Usually, cleaning up is the first thing we have do when we get back ’cause the house is a wreck from being neglected while I was running around like a crazy person to get ready for the trip.  This time, though, I’m planning ahead.  I cleaned TODAY.  I got home a little early from work, so I turned the radio up (for that sweet sound) and started picking up.  The dining room table is clear, the island is clear, my desk is clear (a major accomplishment), and there is no clutter to be found on the first floor.  I even dusted.  Haven’t done the windows yet or vacuumed or done anything upstairs (I’ve still got a few days – give me a break, people), but the house is almost in the condition it needs to be in before we’ll let people come over.  Almost.

The odds against it staying this way are…let’s not think about that.  Think positive thoughts!

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