Linktastic – just a little

Maybe only linking to two things doesn’t count as linktastic, but they’re totally worth it.

Link #1: Today’s XKCD comic.  I’m a little twitchy now.

Link #2: By way of nn.c (and yesterday’s post, no less – I’m a little late), here’s a video both amazing and adorable.  It’s making me wish for a really good video camera so I can do the same thing with Riley racing at full speed around the yard.

Yeah, yeah, it’s less a link and more an embedded video, but I think you’ll forgive me.


I would choose to use a mouse over a touchpad any day of the week.  If I’m sitting at a desk or a table or a coffee table or any flat surface.  If my laptop is actually in my lap, a mouse is more of a hindrance.  I mention this because I’m sitting at my little desk between the dining room and the kitchen, and I reached over with my right hand to move the mouse.  The mouse that isn’t there.  But my hand made the mouse shape and tensed to hold it under my palm.  Weird feeling to tense for a mouse and miss.  It’s very much like going upstairs while carrying something that’s blocking your view so you can’t tell when you’ve reached the top and your foot looks for the next step only to find nothing but air so you stumble a little as your foot misses and hits the floor.  It’s like that.


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