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Some days, I’m just not capable of thinking up things to write about.  Even boring things, like the weather (we had ice this morning and I went in to work late – it didn’t make work more exciting).  I promised pictures of the new bookshelves, but I was hoping for sunlight.  And I’ll probably wait until there’s stuff on the ones in the dining room.  It’ll make for a better picture.  The house is shaping up pretty nicely, though.  The first floor only.  The second floor needs some work.  We’re almost in the market for a futon to replace the twin trundle beds in the guest room.  (I say almost because we spent WAY lots of money this weekend.  More furniture will have to wait.)  Before the dining is done, however, I need wine racks.  Wine racks that will fit on bookshelves.  I’ve seen a couple, but nothing I love.  And I don’t want to turn the whole bookcase into a wine rack.  Which means I’ll need other places to store wine.  I haven’t yet given up on this (it would look quite nice next to a chair by the fireplace or near a chair (that I would need to buy – what was I just saying about money?) in the library), and I’m looking for similar items…

In the meantime, I found this picture on Bookshelf Porn, and I’m torn between wanting to swim through the books (like Scrooge McDuck in his money pit) and itching to organize them.  They’re crying out to be sorted by genre and alphabetized!

Can't you hear them? "Sort us, please! We're so confused!"

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