My commute to Saturn

I have weeks where work takes over my life, when even though I’m home doing things I enjoy, work is still on my mind.  What I’m going to do tomorrow, how I’m going to solve that problem, what I’m going to tell the client in the next meeting – those things buzz around in my brain when I’m trying to relax.

Then I have weeks where work might as well be on another planet as far as my brain is concerned.  It’s taking everything I have to concentrate on work today (and clearly, since I’m here, I’m not doing a very good job).  My brain would rather be making phone calls and appointments, taking placement exams and registering for classes.  Or READING.  I had an appointment today (x-rays that determined I will have to have a sinus lift before I get a new molar), and I was able to finish No Second Chance.  Good.  It was good.  I want more!  It’s cold outside, but it’s sunny.  Why can’t I be out there enjoying the sunlight?  I’m not stressed – far from it – but I’d like to be able to enjoy my zen-ish state somewhere other than this gray cubicle.