There’s a hole in the bucket

And the yard.  Several, really, but there’s one that’s getting bigger along the fence line between our yard and one of the neighbor’s (the uphill side).  I just let Riley in, and he’s got dirt on his nose, on top of his head, and around one eye.  We should start calling him Patch.  That neighbor doesn’t have pets, so his yard is probably where all the rabbits live.  If we give the dogs enough time, they may soon have two yards to run around in.  I can’t believe we have a digging problem.  What do we have to do?  Fill the holes with rocks?  Fill the dogs’ heads with rocks?  Done.  They came that way.

Yesterday’s XKCD comic is hilarious.  And relevant, like I never am.

This is irrelevant, irreverent, and a little unbelievable.

And I’m off to read.  Haven’t been doing enough of that lately.