Take a breath

Every day for the last….large number of days has been nonstop.  No time to think, no time to breathe, from getting up in the morning, through the work day (especially through the work day), and then home to exercise, to make dinner, to run errands…  There’s some time during and after dinner, actually, but I can’t say I’ve felt particularly relaxed.  I’ll try to be more conscious of that time tonight and see how it goes.  We’ve been avoiding turning on the AC for a few days in favor of leaving the windows open all the time, but it’s been pretty warm (in the 80s) and at night, it takes a LONG time to drop to the 60s, where it’s actually comfortable.  Add to that the oh-so-cheerful birds that start singing around 5am, and you get not enough sleep for the last few days.  (The birds don’t wake me up, but John does when he gets up to close the windows.  Waking up to birds singing makes me feel like a Disney princess.  John doesn’t have the same response.)

Anyway, I feel a little frazzled, but it’ll pass.  Until the next thing.  I want to be serene.  Unflappable.  Unperturbable.  (And imperturbable.  Both, please.  🙂  )  Zen.  Might get boring, though.


  1. momma betty

    Try using an electric fan. Might cool off your bedroom and provide white noise to drown out the birds.

    I really don’t understand why John doesn’t like waking up feeling like a Disney proncess.

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