Let’s pretend I wasn’t browsing for diamond earrings online today

The inside of my head is not a particularly interesting place to be right now.  I have no funny stories, no frustrating  little incidents to relate.  Just songs stuck in my head.  Today it’s Pink’s “Raise Your Glass”.  If it must be Pink, I’d rather get stuck with “So What”.  I like that one more.

Aside from that, my brain is shouting something about how bored it is and how much it wants to be anywhere but here (work).  I hear the occasional “Work SUX!”, too.  (My brain doesn’t always like to spell words correctly.  It’s being kind of a brat just now.)  It doesn’t seem to know what exactly it would rather be doing, though.  Mostly, I’m having a hard time concentrating and it’s NOT because I’m having a wonderful daydream about those houses in Vancouver I linked to the other day and how nice it would be if we were crazy wealthy and had all the time in the world to devote to doing all the things we actually enjoy doing.  Really, it’s not because of that daydream.  That just occurred to me.  I wish my day had been spent in that daydream.  Unfortunately, there is nothing coherent happening in my head (beyond this post, and that’s debatable).

Actually, this is helping.  My to-do list is crystallizing.  Can I leave now?  I’ve got stuff to do!


  1. Melvin?

    I cleaned all day, but my house still doesn’t have an outdoor living room with an amazing view of the ocean… Sux.

  2. IBCRandy

    I think your brain is being a brat because you have Pink stuck in your head.

    But she gets bonus point for mentioning Tron Boy in a song.

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