Of dentists and dogs

“Now relax” should be banned from all dentists’ vocabularies.  They should get fined every time they’re caught saying it.  Sure, I’ll relax now that you’ve poked me in the cheek with a giant needle, shoved a giant rubbery tray thingy between my teeth to hold my mouth open, shined a light in my eyes, and started up the drill.  Totally relaxed, no problem, taking a nap.  (I wish I could have napped.)  It was awful.  All three hours of it.  (Would’ve been a FANTASTIC nap.)  My dentist is great and all, very nice, friendly staff, but that doesn’t mean I look forward to going.   (I know, I know – who does?)  And yesterday is why.

This morning I found Roxy in the bathroom with the door closed.  No idea how she got there.  I worked from home today, and around mid-morning, she had a seizure.  (She’s fine now.)  I usually keep a pretty close eye on her during her recovery phase (she rambles around the first floor, slobbering on everything, bumping into the walls, the furniture, getting stuck under the table – she tried to take a chair with her, legs first – and I try to keep her out of the water bowl, keep her from knocking things over, from slobbering on the books on the bottom shelves…the important stuff), but as she gets closer to normal, I start going back to other things.  I checked my email, realized I hadn’t heard her stumble into anything for a minute, and went looking.  Not in the dining room, not in the kitchen, not in the hall, not in the family room…but I could hear her breathing.  The kind of breathing she does when she’s head first into a wall and her nose is getting smushed.  (Happens a lot – I know that noise.  To her, people.  Happens to her. During recovery.  Geez.)  Followed the sound of her breathing, found her in the bathroom.  Behind the closed door, under the pedestal sink.  Maybe she needed some alone time, but I don’t understand how the door closed behind her.  She’s not that clever.  Certainly not in that state.  Wish she could tell me.


  1. Oh, poor Roxy. Are they any less frequent these days? You’re such a good dog mom.

    I came home one day earlier in the year. Sophie doesn’t get up to greet us anymore, so I went to say hi to her. I didn’t see her on her bed. Or anywhere in the downstairs. Concerned, I ran upstairs thinking she’d hauled her arthritic body up there to die under my bed. Not under the bed. Or anyone’s bed. Now frantic, I decide to do a more thorough search of the downstairs. I call her name. I look outside and wonder if I’d left her out by accident. No, I was sure she was inside when I left.

    Finally checked the downstairs powder room (door was shut). No idea how long that poor thing was locked in there. 🙁 I wish she’d tell me a lot of things!

  2. Zannah

    Thanks! I can’t tell anymore if they’re more or less frequent. They’re happening once every 1 and a half to 2 weeks.

    Glad I’m not the only one with a dog able to close doors behind her. What on earth would we do if they started talking? Probably ask them to shut up already.

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