I need to watch it again. And again.

Had a very busy weekend, but not a very productive one.  Feeling a little guilty about that.  But not overmuch (that’s for tomorrow, when panic sets in) because I just watched three hours of Doctor Who with John, and while all three episodes were fantastic, the first one we watched today (season 3’s “Blink”) was the absolute best hour of TV I have EVER SEEN.  It was a GREAT episode, totally stands alone but still captures the Doctor, and on top of that, was effectively and freakishly scary.  Creepy.  SO well done.  Lots of caps.  Sorry.  I feel very strongly about that episode.  Greg, I think this is one of the ones you mentioned – anything you needed to tell us?

We stopped after Part II of the next three-parter, but we’ll probably watch Part III before we go to bed.  I don’t know how I managed before Doctor Who.

As for the rest of the weekend, remind me to tell you about bunco, Oktoberfest, a TON of neighbors I’ve never met before (despite living here for almost 6 years), and running just under 9 miles in the rain.  No need to remind me to tell you about that last bit, actually.  That’s all there is to say about it.  Oh, except I RAN THE WHOLE THING, including that hill I hate.  But that’s all.  🙂

I want to keep babbling, mostly about Doctor Who and some about The Guild (we’ll start watching the current season soon – finished season 4 yesterday), but since what I’m hearing in my head is not remotely coherent (a lot of squeeing and why don’t we own that? and what the hell took us so long to get here?), I’m going to spare you.  Instead I’ll see if John can hurry up with his game so we can get back to Doctor Who.  I have priorities.

Did you guys see this? Cracks me up. I sing it ALL the time now.

(I know – I need to tone down the obsession. I just can’t help myself.)


  1. ibcrandy

    I may have been the one to mention Blink. It’s the episode I suggest to everyone saying “If you don’t like it, don’t bother with the series”. I know it’s the episode I hooked Eric with. It really is the most fantastic episode of the series thus far. You’ll be happy to know that the writer for that one (Stephen Moffat) takes over as head writer starting in season 5. He’s also the creator of the excellent Sherlock Holmes series the BBC started last year (and Coupling, which is funny but very different from Dr. Who or Sherlock).

  2. Smirking Devil

    Nope, not it yet; that’s 186. It’s half way through the next season (193). With all this build up, it’s going to be a very disappointing reveal…

    On your Torchwood question from a few posts ago, I started in on the series after getting into Who without any problems at the pilot. Gave up after a few episodes though – didn’t hook me as strong.

  3. ibcrandy

    Wait, I thought I was being mocked for hitting a slash instead of an apostrophe, but now I wonder if the forum is messing up or something, since I’m seeing the same thing all over. Or maybe this is a symptom of my seasonal allergies, reading apostrophes as slashes. Selective Visual Replacement. That must be it.

    Ignore me. Carry on.

  4. Brian

    I am so glad every time you post about how much you’re enjoying Dr. Who. I feel the same way, how did I live without it before? Sadly, I caught all the way up this summer and now I don’t have a seemingly endless supply of ‘new’ episodes. Actually, I do have a few-I only saw the first episode of this latest season, then missed the rest. (that episode was so joyously named, “Let’s Kill Hitler!”)

  5. Zannah

    Those are hilarious. I don’t know why collegehumor.com isn’t on my daily visit list.

    I’m not looking forward to being caught up. On the other hand, it would make catching up on all the other TV I really want to watch just a wee bit easier.

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